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New payments for India

We started to cooperate with the new reseller in India. Please try it:

You may buy premium using Credit Card, Debit Card (India 52 Banks),

Net Banking,Cash Deposit (ICICI & SBI Bank), NEFT, Paypal,

Moneybookers, Western Union, Demand Draft, Cheque Deposit.

We hope you will like it. Please let us know if you faced with ANY problems regarding this payment option.

How to cache file to my storage

Insert a valid link to the input field, which you find at the top of any page of the ZbigZ site
   ✔ Copy http/ftp link to your file (or torrent link or magnet from any torrent-tracker or special torrent-search sites)
   ✔ Paste the link
   ✔ Click "GO!" button
The file will be added to your caching queue. You can find it in your storage on “My Files” page.

How to download file from my storage

   ✔ Press download or ZIP button
The download process will start automatically on your browser download page.
   ✔ Please make sure, that there are no restrictions on the pop-up windows in your browser.
   ✔ If you don't need all of the files cached – you can choose the files you want to be downloaded by pressing on the cloud symbol left to the file name.
Now your files are available on your device in the Download folder.

How to reset my password

   ✔ On the Login inset at the top menu press the "Forgot Password ?" button and write down the e-mail your account is linked to
The new password will be send to your e-mail automatically. Please do not forget to check your Spam box.
   ✔ Paste the new password when login next time
You can change your password at any moment on your profile page

How to use ZbigZ for free

ZbigZ can be used absolutely free and without registrations. No actions required.
To get more features you may register or update your account to premium.

How to pay

Press "Premium is..." button
   ✔ Click the inset with the payment method that suits you better
   ✔ Choose the premium duration
   ✔ Go through the payment procedure
Have not found the appropriate way of payment ? – please advise

How to activate my premium

You have paid via ...
• Direct Credit Card payment option (first inset)
Your account will turn to premium automatically. No actions required.

• Reseller
You will get a coupon code on the e-mail you pasted when paying.
   ✔ Press "Premium is…." Button and paste your coupon in the field on the Resellers inset (second inset).
   ✔ Press Get Premium
Now you coupon is activated. The expire date is shown in your Profile

Any issues with payment?

Please write us and describe your problem in details.
• Direct Credit Card payments (first inset)
   ✔ Was your transaction successful or not?
   ✔ Yes: please send us the transaction information
   ✔ No: please send us the link to the error and information why the payment was denied.

• Resellers
   ✔ Was your transaction successful or not?
   ✔ Yes: there should be a coupon code send to your e-mail.
   ✔ No: please describe the issue in details.

No coupon code from the reseller ?
Please send us the payment information:
   ✔ the name of the reseller
   ✔ the email address, which you used on the reseller's website
   ✔ information about the transaction.
   ✔ date/time of your transaction (including timezone).

I download from iOS device:

Most of our customers use either "Filer Lite" or "Mymedia" applications (free versions available in Apple Store) to download from ZbigZ to their iPad/iPhone devices. Now, when pressing Download button on ZBigZ site, you will be automatically redirected to the application which  will download it for you at the speed due to your account plan.

Speed issues

• Caching speed
Please check the availability of the torrent (calculated according to the number of seeders and peers/leechers available in the internet at the moment).
The availability is:
   ✔ Less than 10 – please choose another torrent or wait untill it will be available in the internet.
   ✔ More than 10 – please write us about the problem and provide us with the link to the torrent.

• Download speed
Check your speed connection to ZbigZ here. The speed level is:
   ✔ much higher than one you have when downloading form ZbigZ – please write us about the problem and provide us with the link to the file
   ✔ the same – please check you ISP connection to increase your speed

Still have questions? We are ready to help !

Please send us an e-mail and describe your problem in details (please provide us with links, description or rates if possible) – we will check everything for you !
We appreciate you opinion! Lets make ZbigZ better for 50k users who visit us every day !