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New payments for India

We started to cooperate with the new reseller in India. Please try it:

You may buy premium using Credit Card, Debit Card (India 52 Banks),

Net Banking,Cash Deposit (ICICI & SBI Bank), NEFT, Paypal,

Moneybookers, Western Union, Demand Draft, Cheque Deposit.

We hope you will like it. Please let us know if you faced with ANY problems regarding this payment option.

About the project is the gateway between bittorrent and http protocols. The service uses a unique technology of its own design. It allows users to quickly and easily get content from bittorrent network. The service is 100% functional and performs the functions declared to users.

The service is not a rival to torrent sites, but on the contrary supplements them with a functional popular among users.

Form of cooperation

We place an interactive control element (button) on every torrent-description page of your site. Installing a control element takes about 15-30 minutes and requires no great skill. If necessary, our experts will provide you with a fast and quality support.

Click on any of the buttons below to see the functional of our service:


Why is our cooperation beneficial to all?

For users:
- downloading "for dummies". There is no need to understand new programs and nuances of the work of bittorrent network.
- anonymous and safe
- you can download under restrictions in a local network and when there are closed ports
- you can download under restrictions on installation of additional software on the computer
- you can download rare torrents without the need to keep your computer turned on
- you can use the service for free (with reasonable restrictions)

For owners of torrent sites (for you):
- extra income -- you don't occupy your standard advertising space
- ability to instantly convert a torrent site into a full portal for downloading a content
- additional popular functional for your users
- you do not lose users leaving through links but rather attract them with new features

For us:
- We earn money and give most of it to you :)

How do I start?

Fill in the form below or send your request to adv (at) in order to know the size of your additional income. Our experts will contact you within 24 hours (usually within 3-6 hours).